El pensamiento: The Anthology

So It’s been a couple of days since we announced that El Pensamiento is coming, I know we all are excited (I am more than anyone)… The excitement is just about to hit the roof… yes, If you’ve been connected with us on social media, you definitely would have been informed that we are launching/releasing on AUGUST 30…

I know… That’s heavenly ain’t it? Well it’s just my way of saying thank you for being so patient with me on the blog…

This right here??? Yes!!!! That’s the cover of the Anthology… I agree, it’s dope.

Please, Share and drop your comments…

One very last piece of information… BLOG SERIES WILL SOON BE BACK…

Watch this space


The Anthology: El Pensamiento

Hi guys, 

I know it’s been ages but y’all have got to pardon me… I’m back.

In a few weeks, it’ll be as though we never left… That’s tough definitely but we’ll put in the work. So today, we got news for you

I’ve been working hard on somethings recently and I thought, who better to share it with than you guys… It’s an anthology guys!!!!

*Drum roll*


Thanks so much guys, I’m excited too

Release date????

*smiles* Watch this space…

Thanks guys… Would like to hear from you again… Drop em comments… Tell me how excited we all are for the anthology




But still believing

That we can be

Now all feels dry

I touch your absence

Listen to the sound of silence

My heart beats with hope

A time draws near

I hope my fears are allayed

And my hopes realised

That there’s finally a ‘US’


I’ve known it

In the depths of my heart

I’ve felt it

In the core of my being

The arms of my heart reach out

Desperate to lay hold on it

But the times obstruct

And instruct against my desire

All I do now is wait

With my desire of a ‘US’

A joy I’m foretold

My perfection is you


Two lands with different realities

One is real the other is a result of reality

One is love… The other pro-love

One is me… The other is us
No touch, just sight

Far away from us but as close as could ever be

No sounds but I hear you clearly

This is me, that is us
What we were I couldn’t tell

What we are, I can’t tell

What we’ll be, I can’t say

Who am I, who are we?
A take of two halves, 

I love you, do you me?

In my thought is a world with just you

In my eyes is a world without you

Would you keep it that way?

 No US!!

Just me, then you?

Reply please!


Scarlet on the inside

Central scar

Fencing of red

Unnatural, unusual

In my blooming it’s crimson

On forming it’s dim

Oh how I see the doom

Forbidden, forsaken

Velvet signature

In the springs, summer.

But when winter comes so does mine end

Withered, wasted