Native Stride Episode 7

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Tunde stared into her eyes. He could not quite come to the understanding of the statement Jemimah made. “What… Are you?”He motioned as if asking if she was alright mentally.”Tunde, I can repeat it. I said I love You.”She Rose to her feet, moved towards him and went in for a kiss.”Knock it off girl.”He pushed her back.”You Love me yet you ruin my relationship with your sister?”He shouted. “Love doesn’t ruin things it supports.” He hit out. “How could I stand seeing the man I love being in love with my own sister.”She shouted back with tears rolling down her cheeks.”I tried showing it to you but you’re so adamant.I warned her but she refused to listen.”She ranted.”Enough of this nonsense.Because of you I lost my true love.” “We can be together.We’ll be happy,I’m sure of that.”Jemimah chipped in.”Dont you get it you fool?”Tunde shouted.”I hate you!”Jemimah lokked inti his eyes as the tears flowed down her cheeks.She suddenly ran out of the office as she burst into more tears trying to rub the tears off her cheeks. Tunde buried his head in his hands.”RRRRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG.”He ignored the caller several times as he kept on soliloquzing within himself.”Sir, the minister requires your presence.”Tunde slowly lifted his head.”Ada!”he exclaimed shocked to see her in his office.


“Yes Mr president, the construction workers have began work in earnest.” Minister Nasir said. “yes sir, the man who came up with the master plan?” He askedthrough the phone. “He currently is the assistant director of the planning unit.” “I like his ability to minimise expenses and still produce a very good result.”The president stated.”Can I have his name?” he asked. “Well sir his name is Mr Tunde Johnson.” “Alright I’ll be expecting you at the meeting in an hours time.” The president stated as he hung up. “Tell Jemimah to send in her report on the outlays we have and how far we have gone onthe first phase.” Minister Nasir ordered his secretary as he grabbed his suitcase and headed for the exit.

*5 minutes later*

“What?” Janet screamed out “Hey what’s wrong.” Jemimah asked as she dropped some files on Janet’s table. “The radio.” Janet muttered. Jemimah wondered “What happened to the radio?” she asked. “The news.” Janet whispered. “What happened to the news. Are you sure you are okay?” Jemimah said in a harsh tone. “Minister Nasir.”Janet’s eyes widened up as she mentioned the name. “Hello Mr Agha, please your attention is needed at the office of the Director of planning.” Jemimah Ignored her as she called the security.

“Jemimah, Minister Nasir is dead.”


“You look surprised to see me.”Ada smiled as she took her seat. “Yes, what can I say. Good to see you? Nice to see you?” Tunde smiled. “So this is your office now that you found it a big deal to tell me.”Ada snorted. “I’ve told you times without number you wouldn’t even listen, you wouldn’t even pick my calls.”Tunde replied. “I’m sorry she ever hit you.”Tunde said apologetically. “you don’t have to be.”Ada said. “she just hasn’t found herself a man to love.”Ada stated. “What are you insinuating?” Tunde asked suspiciously. “Nothing just saying.”Ada replied giggling. “Do you ever put on this Tv look how dusty it is.”Ada asked dusting the Tv. “The past few weeks have been very hectic. I haven’t been able to watch this thing.” I replied. “Ada, what is that?” I shouted Ada quickly returned to the station.

The Honorable minister of wotks and infrastructure was involced in a ghastly motor accident with Senator Davies.” The news caster stated.

Ada’s eyes widened up even I couldn’t say or do anything. Ada slumped into the chair. Jemimah came running into my office,”Tunde my Dad!” She screamed as soon as she saw her sister on the floor she immediately slumped to the floor as well.   



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